What is KVIK?

KVIK belongs to I2a2 Haplogroup Y-DNA which have made many significant contributions for mankind in various fields. But truely it does not matter where ideas and innovation come from or by whom, so long as the contributions make the world a better place to live in or can help someone.

To take innovation to markets and society requires a different set of skills and rightfully so should be treated with equal respect.

Innovation & Invention

The dictionary defines innovation different from invention by use of a better way, or method, whereas invention refers more directly to the creation of the idea and method itself. Innovations defers from improvement by doing something different rather than doing the same thing better.

Innovation is the development of new value through solutions that meet new needs in new ways. This is accomplished through different or more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas.

KVIK & you

Our algorithm...

A fimilar form of commerce inspiring people to create. Everyone should enjoy a fun experience and to be rewarded for it just makes it better. Real productivity comes from empowering, engaging, and exciting people. To unleash the creative energies of individual and group potential, leads to unlimited potential.

Innovations actually take on lives of their own, empowering the members within. Failure to communicate expectations and rationale will result in resistance to any positive changes. This shared enrollment provides a competitive edge leading to prosperity and reward for hard work. Information is not just managed, it is shared. More information equals greater investment in a productive outcome. Shift from reacting to creating. To reengineer is to fix a fixed paradigm.

Building a culture is about institutionalizing why the organization does what it does getting to the essential truths of what makes you, you. Shifting a culture with these values forces choices and it is why people create, enter and exit businesses. Welcome change for the better, keep going toward the future.

Innovation itself is ever evolving and a profitable idea can come from YOU.