Products, innovations and ideas

So you have invented/designed the next HIT product, it will disrupt the markets, wreak havoc with the competition & ensure financial success for a long, long time...but guess what, the job is not done until the product hits the street!

Submit your idea and get it done right the first time... KVIK manufacturing!

Some innovations

Electric DIGITAL metering

A smart meter based on Open smart grid protocol (OSGP) for use in Europe that has the ability to reduce load, disconnect reconnect remotely, and interface to gas and water meters.

Motion Light switch

Motion sensor kit for automation of the home.

Dental digital imager

A way to replacing manual probes, x-ray for dental hygiene and detect early caries while monitoring remineralization therapy.

Home automation beacons

Automation of the household through a sensor-beacon kit system.


Low voltage backup power.

Battery switch

Switches daytime energy off and runs night time feed.

GaN switch

A power product that disaptes heat more effectively.

Moj Auto

OBD connector.

Solarax frames

Frames for solar panels.


device to read electric use.