Erazmo "Ben" Tićac

1904 - 1968

A naval architect". After fulfilling all expectations, the Savannah continued to sail until 1971 when she was moored as a floating-museum in her home port of Savannah. Tićac also designed a special landing ship dock (LSD), a military transport ship Victory, and many other ships. Until his death in 1968 he was a member of several renowned American associations of shipbuilding engineers.

The Savannah nuclear ship, the first nuclear-powered merchant ship, was built to the plans of Erazmo Tićac. After the president Dwight Eisenhower announced his decision to build an experimental nuclear-powered merchant ship on the 15th of April 1955, the planning was entrusted to the firm The Sharp Brothers Inc., and Tićac became the leading planner. The ship was launched on the 21st of July 1959; her maiden voyage started on the 31st of January 1962, and regular service started in 1963. It had two reactors, could reach a speed of 21 knots and with one fuel of tank it could sail for almost three and a half years. It docked in Rijeka harbour several times, first on the 19th of November 1966.