Marinus from Rab

3rd century

St. Marinus is the founder of the first republic in Europe, todays's oldest surviving republic San Marino, in 301.

Tradition holds that he was a stonemason by trade who came from the island of Rab on the other side of the Adriatic Sea (modern Croatia), fleeing persecution for his Christian beliefs in the Diocletianic Persecution. By birth he was from the village of Lopar on the island of Rab. During the time of Diocletian, when the persecution of Christians took place, he ran off with a friend in Rimini, Italy. Bishop of Rimini contacted and baptized them, gave them the holy order and named them Marin and Leo after the two martyrs (Marino and Leo).

St. Marinus converted many to Christianity. He is the defender of the Republic of San Marino, blacksmiths, deacons and falsely accused people.